What They Don't Want You To Know About Water..

This man won the Nobel prize for keeping a chicken heart alive for 34 years We have the tools at our disposal to achieve something similar with each glass of water that we drink. In this article I outline easy steps for you and the people close to you.

99% Of The Molecules In Your Body Is Water.

The remaining 1% are mostly big, heavy molecules from food, so they make up 40% of your weight.

Consider how much you know about nutrition and food. You know recipes, ingredients, calories, vitamins, protein sources, kitchen utensils and I can go on forever.

You spend big $$$ on getting the best food for you and your family.

You have huge ugly electrical machines to improve your food. Drawer after drawer with different intricate cooking utensils.

How much time and money do you spend on getting the best possible water?

Time for a little more balance perhaps?

In this article, you will find simple measures you can take to improve your water quality.

Faucet Water Filter

I shouldn't even explain need to why, you already know tap water is full of toxins, but to stress the point, you are getting all sorts of filth like xenoestrogens, fluoride, chlorine, pesticides, birth control and other presciption drugs..

If you're crafty you can do some very ambitious solutions (reverse osmosis), but I will only explain easy solutions here.

The first and most important target is the kitchen faucet. Just slap one of these bad boys on it, takes a few minutes and costs $20 - $30. Search "fluoride faucet filter" on Amazon and buy one today.

Shower Water Filter

The next target is your shower. Step one, attach a water filter. This is really easy, just screw it on before your shower hose.

It's cheap, filters last 6 months or so.

Shower Head

Throw your shower head in the trash. Get a better one. In nature we drink and bathe in water that has run through endless plants, minerals, soil and crystals.

You may have different preferences than I do, but I like my shower head filled with Shungite. This mineral is excellent at two functions: First, it adsorbs toxins effectively, and secondly it enriches the water with fullerenes and other beneficial molecules. Shungite has been traditionally used for water purification in Russia where it comes from. The shower head to the right is filled with Shungite rocks, and the one to the left is another good option, commonly called "ionic shower head"

Plants treated with Shungite are much healthier and resistant, this study for instance found -66% oxidative damage in plants which of course is nothing short of incredible.

Improve Your Water

Now that all your water is (mostly) filtered from contaminants it's time to IMPROVE YOUR WATER!

What do I mean by this?

Water is H2O molecules. But is that the whole story? A random bunch of molecules dumped together?

According to most people: Yes.

They're wrong. Water is LIFE ITSELF.

Life is a manifestation of coherence. If you die, your individual cells are still alive, but they've lost their coherence, doomed to fail.

Water is also coherent. This has been proven time and time again.

If something happens to a part of a body of water the new state will spread to the rest of the water. This is how homeopathy works, and don't believe anyone that tells you that homeopathy isn't "real science": though it is still derided in mainstream academia, the science of homeopathy has progressed to where people are working on electronically copying and transferring water memory as digital files.

One day, you might download spring water!

If you add a toxin and then remove it, the water will remember what happened to it and act accordingly. This is what people mean when they say "water has memory".

Is water coherence, or "structure" a constant or variable factor? Is all water equally coherent?

The answer is that you can and should do many things to increase the structure, or LIFE (Orgone, Qi, Prana etc) of your water.

The benefits of water full of life and "dead water" can not be underestimated. Remember that your body is 99% water molecules, and that coherence in your body is YOU.

Do you want to be full of life, energy and Love? It's time to increase the coherence of your water.

Consider how water moves in nature. Whenever it can move freely, water moves in spirals.

This greatly increases the structure of water. Many ancient cultures were aware of this and spiralled their water many times before drinking. You should too.

The poor man spirals his water.

The rich man installs spiralling pipes in his home.

This pipe is called "River of Life". It costs $398 and you can find it to purchase if you google river of life vortex

Below, you can see the spectrographic changes in water solely from shaking it before measurement[2]


EMF and radiation makes water lose its structure. You should naturally try to minimize EMF in your home, but you can also add very effective protection in the form of Orgonite.

Cheap orgonite is called "Tower Busters" and they cost ~ $5 each and it is imperative that you have at least one in your home.

They are cheap but very effective. You should place a bunch of them around in your home, near where you most need EMF protection and near EMF sources like routers, induction stoves, smart meters etc.

Your plants and pets will thank you, and your water will improve.

Flaska Bottle

All water should be stored in a Flaška bottle before you drink it. This is an incredibly simple way to improve your drinking water.

Flaška is a Slovenian company that programs their glass bottles to structure water. Wait, what? Program bottles? Can you store information in glass? Yes, crystalline structures can be used to save data in a process called Holographic Data Storage and glass is very much like water in the sense that it is not a crystal - but it contains microcrystalline structures throughout, which can be programmed into differing states. The mechanism that stores the imprint inside the glass is not yet known or understood - but we since we know in principle about holographic storage, we know at least one plausible mechanism. Flaska imprints their bottles using the Quest Biofeedback device and the Mandalay Orgone Cannon, both from the company Scio-Eductor. They describe the process on their website with a little more detail.

The changes in water from being stored in a Flaska bottle can easily be measured. These are some lab measurements from a Gas Discharge Visualisation camera:

The human electromagnetic field can also be measured, here we see that Flaska-treated water boosts it significantly.

The blue staples show how powerful the human biofield is (n=10, 6 measurements) immediately after drinking the water (untreated and Flaska-treated water) and the green staples are measurements taken at a later time.

If you have 2-3 of their 1L bottles you should be able to store your water for ~24h before drinking it.

This is more than enough. Just 5 minutes in a Flaška bottle makes the water wildly different.

I have given blind tests to countless friends and family members, not a single one has failed to identify Flaska-treated water.

Structured water tastes much better than dead water. It is also much softer - this can be easily experienced when you drink it.

Back in the day, they described water structuring as "turning water into oil" because of the change in softness and texture.

Water that has been in Flaška bottles significantly decreases harmful bacteria but not beneficial bacteria. This may sound weird to you, to me it's exactly what I would expect.

Consider what this means for your gut biome..

Tensor Rings

Another way to structure your water is to use Tensor Rings.

It's a very simple device, it is simply a Twisted copper wire with a specific length, in a connected circle.

Inside a tensor ring, there is a powerful potential for water structuring. Tensor rings are one of the strongest paramagnets you will find, which basically means that it acts as a magnifying lens for other magnetic fields, specifically the Earth's magnetic field which is known to be extremely beneficial to life.

You should place a tensor ring around your kitchen faucet, shower hose and Flaska bottles. You can also wear it as a bracelet, and if you smoke, try holding your cig inside of a tensor ring, the smoke will be much more agreeable.

Copper is quite expensive so your budget is the limit - the more rings the better.

Paramagnetic Sand

You won't find tensor rings in nature, so what is our dear mother's paramagnetic alternative?

I use this blend of magnetite, quartz, mica and garnet.

Whenever I grab my bottle, a tiny amount of paramagnetic sand is stuck to the bottom of it due to condensation, and I always rub it across my chest because it feels fucking amazing. I call this a Magnetic Shower.

Also pictured are four pieces of Orgonite, a large Flaska bottle, a Tensor Ring and a Himalaya lamp.

Emotions & Prayer

Dr. Masaru Emoto has done famous experiments which showed that human emotions can be transferred to water. When you focus positive feelings towards the water, it's structure improves. This water is shown to boost biology. It also works with symbols and text.

We can only guess how this happens at this point - but it's important to note that humans have always blessed water and food.

Dr. Emoto discovered that freezing water brings out different crystals depending on the structure of the water. You've probably seen these pictures sometime before.

There's a lot of experiments on plants and conscious intentions, but today we'll stick to water, and there's a very interesting study showing that Buddhist monks were able to store their intentions in water bottles, which were then showed to boost parameters of plant health (p>0.0001)

Overall, ice formation is probably not the best way to objectively measure water structure, so in the quantifiable aspect, the Emoto experiments are surpassed by easier interfaces to changes in water properties: spectrometric analysis, viscometer, gas discharge visualization and much more. However, the subjective observations from ice formation are nothing short of mindblowing. Look at the video below!

Solfeggio Frequencies

I'm sure you've watched some new agey documentary sometime which mentioned that some sounds are healing to you. There are also some conspiracy theories relating to this: basically, that all of our music has been tuned in the way that is least agreeable to our biology because of the frequencies do not resonate with our bodies, or Earth's magnetic frequency.

The claims that these frequencies who are based on natural resonance are healthier for us has been tested scientifically, and they do indeed seem to be true.

There are 9 Solfeggio tones which are said to have healing effects, but the most lauded one is 528 Hz, or as it is commonly known: the Love Frequency.

Listening to a 528 Hz tone for just a few minutes significantly lowers stress, lowers breathing rate, increases oxytocin and relaxation in humans.

According to animal studies, it also increases testosterone synthesis, and the effect looks very powerful according to these early findings.

Himalaya Lamps

Traditionally, Himalaya lamps (simply a light bulb inside a large regular salt crystal) are considered to have a healing and calming effect, and there are animal studies confirming this.

They are cheap, look good and makes your home 'cozier' so you should definitely have at least one at home (I keep all three of mine on 24/7) but the largest benefit you will get from your lamp is using it to structure your water.

Adding heat to water causes the water to start moving, as some parts of the water will be hotter than others, so even a tiny bit of water will create cascades of micro-movements.

This is beneficial for multiple reasons: It prevents the water from growing stale as the movement itself is structuring, furthermore it allows much more of the water to come into contact with the Flaska glass, and lastly it allows homeopathic proliferation of any contained property to the entire body of water.

How To Drink

I don't use drinking glasses when I drink water. In my experience, they only decrease the water quality to a varying degree. Every glass is unique, since it gets imprinted with your energy and intentions, but most of that imprint gets erased when you put them in the dishwasher; dishwashing liquid also does this, clean with vinegar or hot water if you want to energetically preserve your kitchenware - or you can simply drink directly from the bottle as I do.

I pour water directly from my Flaška bottles onto the tip of my tongue - one of the most sensitive parts in the body, I can easily measure the 'softness' (viscosity) i e structure of water by drinking this way, and you can too.

It gets much easier to differentiate between water from different faucets, houses, cities are when you drink like this.


Water should carry nutrients - You will never find "pure" water in Nature. Even rainwater is full of dissolved gas!

Ideally water should have a solid amount of minerals. Many talk about how food is depleted from nutrients, tap water is even worse.

Water should flow and swirl over rocks, soil, sand and plants. It picks up minerals and micronutrients, while simultaneously being structured by sounds and vibrations from Nature and Earth's magnetic resonance.

A large share of the mineral intake of pre-industrials was from water. It's very likely that minerals dissolved in structured water has higher bioavailability than food sources. Partly because of Fulvic Acid, found everywhere in Nature but never in processed food or tap water.

Filtering your water removes toxins and contaminants, sometimes also some of nutrients. After filtrering, before structuring; you should re-mineralize your water.

I use Ocean Minerals from OmniBlue, which are harvested deep-sea ocean minerals from a reputable company that I trust.

Add your minerals directly after filtering. The reason for adding minerals *before* structuring is that they quicken this process by interacting with the water molecules. Especially when combined with some movement. It's all pretty intuitive when you think about it.

Light & Lasers

We've previously covered that water remembers what it has touched. But it also remembers what it has seen!

Light always carries information in it, not only when it's purposefully encoded.

In Nature, photonic communicatation is everywhere. This has been studied by Fritz-Albert Popp and Peter Gariaev.

Personally I store my water bottles next to my Himalaya lamp so the light shines through them all, so it becomes a chained imprinted light, which not only has passed through plenty of structured water, but also through many layers of programmed Flaska glass.

One easy way to leave a custom imprint is to shine a laser pointer through something, into the water.

You can also achieve the same thing by leaving something strategic between your water and some nearby light source, or simply place it next to the bottle; light is everywhere after all.

Learn More About
Your Tap Water

All cities run lab measurements of tap water quality, and most of them publish these findings online.

Simply google 'yourcity water quality report' and you should be able to find something pretty easily.

Erasing Memory

Since water retains a memory of what has happened to it, it's obviously not ideal that it remembers how it was treated at the communal water processing plant, or the endless straight pipelines, often next to electrical wiring..

So, how do you erase the memory of water, to give it a clean slate?


Attach them to your faucet or near-faucet water line. If you're lucky they'll magnetically attach, but likely you need to tape them stuck. The more, the merrier.

Homeopathic Bonus Tip

One of the founding principles of Homeopathy, and a well-studied scientific phenomenon, is that 1% of a water body can propagate its unique properties into the full body of water.

How do you use this to your advantage?

You never empty your entire water bottle. Always save a little, and you create a neverending chain of water structure.

To effectively propagate the unique features of the saved water, you're supposed to violently shake the bottle. I don't do this, I let the heat from the salt lamp move the water over many hours instead.

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