Time Isn't Linear


Delayed Choice Quantum Eraser

Retrocausal Training

Traditional Views

Consider that every day is a recurring cycle. Our entire lives are built around it, and always have been. We built smaller cycles: hours, minutes, seconds, milliseconds.

We made larger cycles. Weeks, months, years. They all have recurring themes, some more obvious than others.

Our very being consists of cycles. Sleeping, breathing, eating, blinking, walking. If you look at the cell, it's the same: it's all cycles.

If we look at the material basis for everything: the atomic level; the electrons spin around the nucleus in a never-ending cycle.

There are certainly cycles that are far bigger than we can perceive, as an example Earth's temperature history shows a steady cycle.

Our ancestors saw time in the same manner as described above, they believed that time is cyclical.


Global Consciousness Project

As described in my article about GCP, it is a network of connected Random Number Generators, which are obviously supposed to output random numbers, and they are very good at this. The output is indeed random, but when some large shift in consciousness occurs, such as a large global event, there is a highly significant shift in the numbers.

Below you can see the GCP chart for the days surrounding the WTC attacks on September 11 2001..

8:45 and 10:30 were the times when the planes hit the towers. As you can see, the shift in consciousness occured several hours before.


Mandela Effect

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