What is Orgone Energy?

We are intuitively familiar with the concept life energy and depending on the context there are different words used for it. Indians say Prana, the Chinese say Qi, the Jews say Ruach, Franz Mesmer says Animal Magnetism, Henri Bergson says Elan Vital, Nazis say Vril, but this article is about Orgone which is what Wilhelm Reich called it. Orgone is different than every other energy listed above, in the sense that it is based on scientific lab observations. Since Orgone research centers around him, we will begin with his story.

Wilhelm Reich studied psychology under Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis, who centers his model of the human psychology about sexuality. Freud postulated that a biological sexual energy existed, which he called Libido. Freud conceded that Libido was something we could only speculate about, sexual energy will always remain an unproven idea.

His student, Wilhelm Reich, had different ideas. He measured the body's electrical currents with an oscilloscope[1] and found that not only could he pinpoint the erogenous zones, he could measure feelings of pleasure. The energy he was seeing was always present when pleasure was felt, and whenever pleasure was experienced, the energy was measured.

Annoyance was synonymous with the disappearance of the sexual energy. When unpleasant stimulus occurs, the energy retreats to other parts of your body.

At this time, he had to leave Austria since the political situation became untenable for him. He moved to Germany, Sweden, Denmark until he settled in Oslo, Norway where he continued to study the energy he discovered, which he supposed existed in simpler life forms too, so it was time to take a close look.

He built what might have been the best microscope in the world at the time[2,3]

With his microscope, Reich observed that sterilized samples of grass, blood, sand and charcoal disintegrated into pulsating vesicles of blue light. He called these Bions.

He observed how the bions were moving around, seemingly on their own accord[4] and that they could bond together to form simple protozoan organisms, and when he tried to sterilize the samples, the disintegration into bions happened even faster, and increased their activity. Reich postulated that bions is a transitory stage between living and non-living. The series of experiments he conducted[4] make it clear that he witnessed an energy, that acted as life: assembling negentropically into increasing complexity.

In other words, "life energy" is not a product of life, it's the other way around. If something kills you, the life energy from you will move on to new life forms.

Many different methods were successful in producing bions, anything from glowing red hot metals to decaying plants could be used to observe decay into bions in his microscope.

One particular bion sample, produced from heated beach sand, had unusual properties: in the dark, it radiated a soft blue light, when held in the hand, an electric sensation could be felt, nearby lab tools became magnetized, the lab workers became tan under their clothing and when a small amount was placed next to bacteria, the strongly radiating bions would immobilize and kill them.

He named it Orgone energy partly because it came from orgasm studies, but also because the energy can charge organic matter. For a modern replication of his observations of Bions accompanied by some beautiful music, check out the video below.

All of this was, of course, highly controversial at the time. Most comtemporary scientists ridiculed it and assumed only careless, non-sterile experiment setup could account for the results. Norway ended up changing their laws to ostracize Reich[5] and he moved to New York.

Orgone Accumulator

Now, if one were is to study something a fleeting energy, the first priority is to attract, isolate and concentrate the energy. Reich discovered that organic materials attract, absorb and hold orgone energy. On the other hand, metals attract but cannot hold a charge which causes them to draw in and repel Orgone in every direction.

These properties is enough to build a construction that would draw in atmospheric Orgone and concentrate them: by having alternate layers of organic & metallic material. Reich built boxes according to these principles, which he called Orgone Accumulators.

The more layers you have, the more powerful it is. 3 layers can concentrate 5 times the orgone energy as the adjacent environment and 10 layers can achieve 15 times the surrounding energy level[7]

When you sit in an orgone accumulator for a while, a warmth, relaxation and sometimes a prickliness may be felt. The skin may flush and sweat. There is a feeling of a 'soft glow', and of well-being. Some people who have very low energy fields may take a month or more of use before they are recharged enough to feel these effects.

Reich made many incredible observations of orgone accumulators, let's start with the most well known one..

Heat From Nowhere?

Reich noticed that his orgone accumulator generated heat, which he verified experimentially. This is called the Orgone Accumulator Thermal Anomaly.

For some reason, he decided to approach the man in the world who had the most to lose from this discovery, Albert Einstein. He wrote him a letter telling him that he had an important matter to discuss, the discovery of a novel cosmic energy with significant biological effects.

If indeed heat was generated 'from nowhere' then our entire understanding of physics would have to be re-drawn.

Reich met with Einstein for five hours, and before leaving he gave Einstein a small Orgone Accumulator so he could verify the thermal anomaly for himself. Einstein was able to replicate it so he spent two weeks experimenting. He eventually retracted his initial declaration that it worked, instead letting his assistant Leopold Infeld put out a statement that the heat was measured because of convection.

Infeld's explanation doesn't really make sense, and Reich explained as much[8,9] but Einstein refused to comment or answer any correspondence regarding it.

The thermal anomaly has been replicated many times in modern lab settings[10] including experiments that specifically proves that Einstein was wrong[10]

The chart above depicts air temperature, 'added heat compared to control' and 'added heat compared to air' and as you can see above, the temperature anomaly is clearly independent of air temperature.

Stunningly, the chart also clearly confirms the daily orgone cycle that Reich had noted decades earlier!

Another thing Reich said is that the thermal anomaly is only present during good weather: sunny, clear sky. The experiment was recreated during rainy, overcast weather:

The orgonomic cycle of weather works like this: when it's sunny, there is plenty of free cosmic orgone in the air, so therefore an orgone accumulator is very effective at concentrating the free energy. When it's raining, overcast, or night-time, the free cosmic orgone retreats into water.

One of the ways that Reich measured the concentration of Orgone was the discharge time of an electroscope[12] and this allowed him to complete the following experiments, which shows the orgone pulsation cycle between water & air.

As you can see above, there is a clear inverse relation between the electroscopic discharge time in water & air[13]

When we compare the thermal anomaly and the electroscopic discharge we find that they vary in agreement with each other, just as expected.

Orgone Meter

Reich invented the device below to measure Orgone. It doesn't prove the existance of orgone energy by the fact that it works, however the variations in it's measurement values does. More on that later.

The stronger concentration of Orgone, the brighter the light bulb (B) was illuminated.

Nowadays, there is a company called Heliognosis who has developed a modern version of this device, it costs $399 and is called the LM4 Experimental Life Energy Meter and I own one :)

Since the Bion experiments showed how biologically active Orgone energy was, and the invention of the Orgone Accumulator allowed him to concentrate the energy, he had everything he needed to run plant experiments to measure the effects of Orgone on the growth of sprouts.

Countless such experiments has been completed[14,15,16] and the results are typically around +30% in growth parameters. Fruit yield is increased even more. Qualitative differences[15] are often noted in fruits from plants with orgone treated seeds.

Laws Of Orgonomy

1. Orgone is pulsating
2. Orgone penetrates all matter, but at different speeds
3. Orgone has negligble mass, weight and inertia
4. Orgone fills all space and is everywhere
5. Orgone is attracted to water
6. Water is attracted to Orgone
7. Orgone is excited by secondary energies such as electromagnetism and nuclear energy
8. When it is concentrated, orgone energy is often blue-to-violet
9. Matter originates from Orgone
10. Forces of physics (electromagnetism, nuclear, gravitational, etc) are secondary
11. Electromagnetism originates from Orgone
12. Orgone is influenced by solar radiation
13. Orgone is influenced by time of day and season
14. Orgone is influenced by humidity, temperature, barometric pressure
15. Orgone is absorbed by organic substances
16. Orgone is absorbed and soon after reflected by metals
17. Orgone moves faster at higher altitudes
18. Orgone is accumulated naturally in living organisms by ingesting foods, breathing and through the skin
19. Higher orgone concentrations attract lower concentrations until to reach the maximum allowable charge of the system after which, in a healthy-condition system, is discharged to the outside


Orgone has a complicated relationship with radioactivity. There is a direct interaction between the two. Below you can see how an orgone accumulator warps the field of background radioactivity[17]

Below you can see that the disturbance in radioactivity is seasonal, and aligned with cardinal directions, just like one would expect with an orgone accumulator.

The above isn't important just because it proves (again) that orgone is real and measurable, but specifically that orgone amplifies radioactivity which can be highly dangerous. If you live near a nuclear power plant, or other sources of radioactivity, you should not build an orgone accumulator.

Physiological Effects of
an Orgone Accumulator

Reich noted that when someone had sat in an orgone accumulator, they developed a functional fever of 0.2°C - 0.5°C for a short period afterwards, thanks to the increased biological activity. This has been replicated many times[17,18] including placebo studies with control boxes.

Reich developed a diagnostic method called the Reich Blood Test whi ch measured how the blood cells disintegrated into bions. Many contemporary doctors adopted this, so there is hundreds of documented case reports[19] available. Reich said that if the patient sat in an orgone accumulator, the decay of blood cells could be greatly decreased.

Modern replications show that he was right that charging a blood sample in an orgone accumulator prevents decay[20] as you can see for yourself in the image below.

There are some quite incredible rat studies.. For instance, rats that had cancer had their lifespan multiplied when treated inside an orgone accumulator for one hour daily. This experiment has been replicated four times[21]

The effect on cancer & rats was so impressive that it fast-tracked the decision to try orgone accumulators on human subjects. Terminal cancer patients with no chance of survival was able to have their tumours shrunk until they disappeared[22] but the patients still died, leading Reich to the hypothesis that tumours was merely the physical manifestation of a deeper problem.

Rats with wounds display a seasonal variation[23] in the speed of their healing. This is unsuprising in the orgone paradigm.

When some of the rats with wounds were treated in an orgone accumulator, they healed 10-12% faster and this effect was only present when the weather was sunny[24] this effect was statistically highly significant (p < 0.002)

Medical usage of orgone accumulators was popular in the 1950's. Hundreds of orgone accumulators were built, an association of Orgonomic doctors were formed, and a scientific journal where everyone shared case reports and empirical findings of medical orgone therapy.

Since orgone therapy seems to increase organism-wide energy, it was found to be beneficial to almost any health issue. However, it was contraindicated for people with brain tumors, glaucoma, epilepsy or people who suffer from apoplectic attacks. In the case of brain tumors it was because the healing of the tumor caused it to swell, increasing intracranial pressure.


FDA filed an injunction against Reich in 1954[25] which stated that every orgone accumulator must be destroyed, and every book, paper, lab notes, document or letter that contained the word "orgone" should be burned.

Why did they do this? Reich certainly never claimed to cure any disease, and orgonomic doctors commonly diagnosed diseases which classic allopathic medicine couldn't, and what did they do then? They referred patients to regular hospitals.

Since they were not misrepresenting any potential benefits from the treatment, and didn't dissuade anyone from using regular healthcare, what's the harm?

As previously mentioned, Reich had already fled Austria, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Norway. He was tired of running.

He ignored the court order, didn't destroy anything and carried on with business as usual, except that he armed himself, readying himself for a final battle, continuing his scientific work until his last day.

After he was arrested, he chose to represent himself in court.

"My factual position in the case does not permit me to enter the case against the FDA, since such action would imply admission of the authority of this special branch of the government to pass judgment on primordial, pre-atomic cosmic orgone energy"

Reich's opening defense statement emphasized that he had indeed violated the injunction order. Judge Sweeney warned him: "You're practically pleading guilty"

Reich insisted that the injunction "had to be violated". Reich called his assistant as a defense witness, and told him:

"Tell the jury, if I was ready to die last summer"

Judge: "He can't possibly know that"

Reich: "Did you prepare a grave for me?"

Prosecution objects: "That's ridiculous"

Reich: "It's not ridiculous if you're in it"

The judge ruled in favor of the FDA, so they burned almost six tons of books and lab notes.

Reich died in his prison cell mere days before he was due to apply for parole.

Michael Silvert, his assistant was also incarcerated until 1957, shortly after being released he 'took his life'

The FDA certainly made this a top priority[26] A massive 4% of their budget for the entire decade was spent on tracking down and destroying every orgone accumulator. One of the worst cases of censorship in modern history.

What were they so afraid of..?


Since water can absorb orgone energy and retain a charge over long time, then surely something should measurably change in water when it is stored inside an orgone accumulator, compared to a placebo enclosure? Yes, this is easy to measure in a number of ways. The most incredible one is the following experiment, performed by James DeMeo at University of Kansas, where a petri dish of water was left inside an orgone accumulator (and a control box).

The water was measured with a spectrograph, specifically tuned to low frequency light (UV-C). A spectrograph is an instrument that measures light, and is commonly used to identify molecular contents as different atoms can be identified by their spectral signatures.

At first the light absorbance of both samples was very similar, but as you can see there was a highly significant difference after charging the water in an orgone accumulator.

As you can see in the graph above, the longer you charge water in an orgone accumulator, the stronger the orgonotic light absorption becomes[27]


What is even more shocking, is that the orgone-charged water emits light! This is also measured through a spectrograph, and before charging the water it didn't emit any light. The longer the water was charged, the stronger the light became.

Samples of rainwater & snowmelt was tested, and was found to emit light too, with identical flourescence spectrums! [27]

This may appear to be a shocking result, but it is actually exactly what one would expect, according to Orgone theory. Reich had experiments in the 1950s with Vacor Tubes, which is what he called vacuum tubes which he charged with orgone energy. He was able to illuminate them by holding his hand close to them. This is actually how the orgone meter was invented!

Above, you can see a modern replication of the Vacor Tube experiments by DeMeo[27] where a orgone-charged vacuum tube was made to illuminate by hand movements near it. The photograph is taken with a 20 minute exposure in a darkroom.

If you compare the water fluorescence graph with the vacor tube illumination colors (it is a normal color photograph!) and countless observations from Reich, it is apparent that the typical "default" color of orgone energy is blue.

Without comparison, the most powerful way to excite orgone energy and to make it illuminate is by combining it with radioactivity. Do not do this. Reich had an experiment with this called the ORANUR Experiment which is one of the most incredible stories you will ever read.

The reason I bring up radioactivity is because of what happens when water is near strong radioactivity. Mainstream physicists call this Cerenkov Radiation but from Orgone theory we would simply say it is water charged with orgone energy (Oranur energy to be precise, this is what we call orgone energy when it is excited by radioactivity).

Looks pretty cool, right? I don't think mainstream scientists understand the full implications of what they are doing. Time will tell.

Anyway, let's talk more about the color blue in everyday life. In light of these scientific findings, it is time to re-examine a few things. Ice is blue.. sometimes.

Mainstream science says that this happens because of light refraction. But now that we know that water can have varying levels of blue fluorescence this can be explained in another way. Would you bet $100 that the blue ice has higher blue fluorescence than the white ice? I would.

Water is blue.. sometimes.

Blue light is refracted at a higher angle than any other color, which means that it will scatter more, so many things will have a "blue halo" around it. Compare the light scattering from red and blue lasers below as an example.

Therefore, blue light fields seen in microscopes, photographs et cetera is always assumed to be a purely optical phenomenon, but perhaps it obscures something else happening as well? Keep this in mind as we watch a few more photographs.

Cells have a blue aura around them. Is this light refraction, or a visible energy field? The photo below is from Greece, where the blue fluorescence can be seen. This can hardly be explained with light refraction..

The sky is blue.. sometimes. It can have different intensities of the blue color. There are large regional differences in this, and they consistently reveal the levels of orgone flow in that area. You won't see an intense deep blue sky above a hospital, but you will see it above a waterfall. I have extensive empirical experience with creating microclimates of bluer sky using orgonite & cloudbusters. Look at the sky above you, there is much to learn.

Most photographs of space show blue light haloes. Light refraction, or fluorescence?

This is how Earth looks from Space.

NASA, according to themselves, are spending time & money on photoshopping photos of Earth so it looks like the below, after all, they're only removing optical illusions, light refraction, right?

It's not like they would ever lie to us, right? Right? We have incredible things to learn by looking at sky & space through a orgonotic paradigm. There is much more than I've been able to put down here. The best is yet to come.


Reich found, and DeMeo later replicated[28] that there is a measurable cycle of water evaporation increasing and decreasing depending on the atmospheric orgone charge.

This sounds like a small thing, but it implies that Orgone is directly powering the water cycle!

The apt reader has perhaps already realized this when I previously stated that water is attracted to orgone, orgone is attracted to water, and that daily & seasonal orgone cycles exist..

In the 1950s, Reich experimented with what he dubbed cosmic orgone engineering. Consider an avalance: When enough snow has built up on a mountain slope, the smallest movement can trigger an enormous snowslide. The same holds true for atmospheric water, sometimes the water cycle can get 'stuck' which is closely linked to the presence of negative energy (called "DOR" in orgonomy).

Large metal rods will effectively draw energy from the sky, or project energy into it. Reich built large cloudbusters[29] which he effectively used for desert greening & drought abatement. Reichian cloudbusters are not a toy. Do not use them unless you know exactly what you are doing. It is easy to start a storm. There was a cloudbuster-induced storm in Italy where someone actually died.

It sounds incredible, and hard-to-believe, but cloudbusters have actually been studied scientifically by DeMeo[30]

Beyond, the academic evidence above, I have plenty of personal experience with increased precipitation following use of orgonite & cloudbusters. Deep blue sky, beautiful clouds, sylphs, and seldom overcast compared to surrounding areas.

Do you see those overflow lakes in the satellite photo of the Sahara desert? Cloudbusters were used to overflow the Nile to create them. These lakes have been dry since 5000 BCE according to NASA's spectroradiometric measurements.


Cloudbusting has been described as acupuncture for the sky, and the human equivalence is actually studied in orgonotic science! Leon Southgate performed a double-blinded experiment where he treated patients with a regular acupuncture needle & an identical looking modified one that had overlapping layers of metal & organic material, so it was a miniature orgone accumualator. The orgone needle had significantly higher effect upon the subjects compared to the placebo needle[31]

Building Instructions

Here is a comprehensive guide to assembling an orgone accumulator. It is not easy but not exactly hard either. If you are a handy person, you can do easily do it. However, be careful with orgone accumulators as they will accumulate any energy nearby, so be careful when using them near electronics or other sources of negative energy. Orgonite is very helpful here. Using orgone accumulators & blankets in or near nature is always preferable.

How to Build an Orgone Accumulator (PDF)

A much simpler alternative to building an orgone accumulator is to build an orgone blanket. It is very easy, here is a simple tutorial to follow:

Reich measured the pulsation of free cosmic orgone energy with this device, and it is certainly something that a layman can build at home with relative ease.

Additional Evidence

How To Feel Orgone Energy

Place your hands in front of you, about two feet apart, palms facing each other. Begin to bring them closer together without actually touching. When your hands are close to each other, you can feel the familiar temperature sensation of warmth. Now notice what other types of sensation you feel; close your eyes to help you focus. Move your hands back and forth, closer and further away, but particularly notice what you feel when your hands come to be 6-12 inches apart. You may begin to notice an unusual sensation that some have described as tingling or pressure-like or magnetic in nature. That's orgone.

When you take an x-ray photo with the orgone field between your palms excited after the previous exercise, the orgone will block or absorb the radiation, so it will look as if you had a metal plate between your hands.

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